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How to buy bitcoin fast?

I am always hesitant to buy the dip because by the time my wire gets processed onto my kraken account, the price goes up again. Wires take 3 days for me. Is there a faster way? I am not from the US.
Local exchanges have high fees.
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How to buy bitcoins fast in germany?

I want to make a purchase today with bitcoins and have a little left for some other time so i wanted to buy 0.8 from localbitcoin like i did a few years ago and found out its not available in germany anymore. so now im looking at many other pages and they all require me to register with ID and everything which is fine, but then i have to wait 2 weeks to move my funds.
Does anybody know where i can buy bitcoins right now with CC, giropay, sofortüberweisung etc?
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Easy guide: How to buy bitcoins fast (And even for small amounts).

I would like to share an easy way to buy bitcoin fast
  1. Register your account on that website.
  2. Deposit money into the website.
  3. On the left side of the page press "USD/SLL" or other currency you deposited and exchange your money to sll.
  4. Than press "BTC/SLL" and exchange your sll to bitcoins
  5. Now you can press "Withdraw" and withdraw your btc.
It's fast, feas are not big. I used it many times, so it's trustworthy and transparent. I hope I helped someone.
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BitBay | How to buy Bitcoin fast?

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BitBay | How to buy Bitcoin fast?

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Easy guide: How to buy bitcoins fast (And even for small amounts). /r/Bitcoin

Easy guide: How to buy bitcoins fast (And even for small amounts). /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How to Buy bitcoin fast?

So I'm in a bit of a sticky situation. I'm registered on coin base but nowhere else and need to buy 2.1 bitcoin by Friday for a discount on a gaming laptop. I cannot enable quick buy because I do not use visa. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can quickly snag some bitcoin at the market price?
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How to buy bitcoins fast in germany? /r/Bitcoin

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How to buy bitcoins fast? Need help!

I remember reading something about going to CVS to transfer money to get your bitcoins instantly... I am wondering is that still viable and which exchange is it?
I am also trying to buy up to 10,000 in bitcoins so is there a limit? Thank you! I'll be around reading!
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How to buy and sell bitcoin fast?

Hello, im sure this is easy to answer but I can't help but come here. Scenario: I purchase bitcoin from coinbase. The price doubles in 2 days (hypothetically). Coinbase says I cant sell my bitcoin for two weeks. The prices goes back down and i lose the opportunity to make a good amount of money.
Whats the fastest way to buy and sell large amounts of bitcoin? Coinbase seems like its very amateur.
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I’m new, got into cryptos last November, same time your grandma did. I’m 3 months in and I have seen “going to the moon boys” to “Panic selling everything, Bitcoin to zero tomorrow.” Wow, just wow!!! Unreal how fast sentiment changes overnight on here! I’m buying as blood flows in the street. You?

Time to buy. Panic sellers will soon be panic buyers. I get it, Mt. Gox sucks, but panic selling and losing your money sucks more. I have never seen such emotional investing as I have in cryptos. I’m loading up on more cheap BTC, ETH, VEN and NANO. They are all on a great sale right now!!! What are you doing? Has the time of reckoning arrived or are we in for a drop, dip and then epic rise unlike what the word has seen yet. Do you think a globally accepted currency will rise from all of this? Let me know what you think!!
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With verification times taking so long, how can I buy bitcoin fast without having to submit ID?

I have heard from friends trying to buy bitcoin that verification is taking longer than they expected. So far they have not yet been verified and therefore cannot buy bitcoin.
With the price rising so fast, I would like to buy without having to wait a whole week for my ID to be approved. Which are the best places to buy bitcoin without ID verification? If possible, I would like to find a trustworthy exchange that offers a fast-track purchasing route.
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Beginners guide to buying bitcoin and where to buy it

Are you a beginner? Just know that how to buy bitcoin is an easy process.
Somehow, i figured that the most difficult problem faced by most beginners to cryptocurrency is how to buy bitcoin and where to even buy it without being scammed.
I guess this is also the reason why your search landed you to my blog. Well, just keep calm, because i’ve got your back completely on this one.
This post will guide you through everything about how to buy your first BTC. Along the line, i will also reveal where you can safely buy bitcoin instantly with maybe, your debit or credit card.
Before we start with how to buy bitcoin, i will like you to know one thing in particular about the whole process.
To buy btc is more like stock.
In stock trading you normally have to transfer your money from a bank account to a brokerage company. Now, through the brokerage account you might’ve already created, you can then purchase, invest, trade or manage your stock investments. And when you want, you can also pull the money back into your bank account again.
However, buying and trading cryptocurrency asset follows the same idea as well, but the only thing that differentiates it from that of stock is just the terminologies and jargons used mostly as crypto language in the cryptocurrency world and communities.
If you’re not all that familiar with the cryptocurrency terms and jargons, you will definitely feel intimidated from the start.
By the way, let me take you straight into learning how to buy bitcoin or get your Bitcoin USD account funded. Below are all the steps required to buy bitcoin instantly.
Step #1. Find and setup a good exchange account An exchange is same as the a brokerage, and signing up for an exchange account is also the same as that of brokerage account. But the only difference sometimes is that you may be required to verify your identity on exchange platforms before your account can be fully activated. Especially when the exchange platform has KYC (Know Your Customer) service available.
There are different exchanges you can choose from. See the list of popularly recommended ones below:
Changelly (Highly recommended)
Luno (Mostly good for Nigerians)
LocalBitcoins (Widely used worldwide)
Once you’re done setting up an exchange account, all you need to do is transfer your capital amount to your chosen exchange account through ACH or Wire transfer directly from your bank account. Wire transfer is recommended.
Step #2. Purchasing cryptocurrencies Ok fine. I know you’ll be like; “I’ve created the account, so now what?”
Anyways, just know that it’s always like the normal brokerage account we all know. Except that instead of buying IBM or Starbucks shares, you’re going to purchase either Bitcoin or Ethereum.
As soon as you’ve already gotten the investment capital on the exchange platform, you will decide on percentage you will use to acquire bitcoin, or maybe, ethereum coins.
Mind you that cryptocurrencies are ordered separately for each one, so you need to buy coins according to allocations. Once after purchasing your desired cryptocurrencies, take a moment to celebrate – YOU’RE OFFICIALLY AN INVESTOR!
And that beings us altogether to the next step you will need to take immediately to secure your cryptocurrency asset.
Step #3. Transferring cryptos to a fully secured wallet Now you will need to fully secure your bitcoin or altcoins (alternate coins) investment. I personally, will not advice you or anyone reading this post to leave their cryptos on an exchange platform (unlike the stock). Leaving purchased crypto coins on exchanges can be very risky, and can be lost instantly.
Necessarily, you always use wallets to keep your fiat money and that’s exactly where cryptocurrency is kind of similar to traditional fiat currencies. You need an offline wallet to fully secure your bitcoin investment.
However, because of experience most investors have had earlier, cryptocurrency can actually be fully protected only with offline hardware wallets. This way you can have full control and access of your investment portfolios.
This is unlike the stocks where you have to hold a physical certificate to prove yourself as a stakeholder. In the crypto world you need a wallet to hold your cryptocurrency assets, and hardware wallets are mostly recommended due to its functionality and security.
One of the best and most affordable hardware wallet in the market currently, is the Ledger Nano S Wallet. It’s popularly known amongst investors, but feel free to do your personal research on wallets that works best for you.
Have it in mind that if you’re going to be using a hardware wallet as i suggested, you will also need to configure it to work with your personal computer, mobile phone and any other gadget you might have that accepts the functionality.
The initial setup of the wallet mostly starts from getting your wallet address activated, which you will be using to send or receive bitcoins or any altcoin.
Note: Cryptocurrencies are not stored on the wallet itself, but in the blockchain. What the wallet does is just storing the cryptographic codes and information needed as proof of stake to use an amount of coin you own already in the most secured and convinient way.
Storing your assets in wallet is similar to that of your SAFE box, where you keep your most important asset or money, wallets are known to be safer due to the fact that it saves your cryptocurrencies with complex passcodes and encryptions which makes it immune to viruses. Most of the cryptocurrency wallets are built based on powerful hashing algorithms.
By the way, if you leave your crypto assets in an exchange and the exchange gets hacked, you will loose all your coins instantly. But if someone gets to steal your hardware wallet your investment will still be very safe as long as they don’t have access to secret passphrase to restore your assets. This means you can always retrieve your crypto coins.
In summary to buying bitcoin instantly Buying bitcoin as a beginner shouldn’t be a scary process for you anymore as this post have discussed it fully in detail on how to buy bitcoin fast. If i were you now, i would simply bookmark this content for revisiting if by any chance i face difficulty in purchasing bitcoin or selecting good exchanges or wallet.
Let me recall the steps you need to take again:
Firstly, choose and setup an exchange account. Secondly, purchase your desired cryptocurrency asset. Finally, secure your investment with a hardware wallet to avoid loosing it to theft or hackers.
Source: https://cryptostaunch.com/bitcoin-usd.html
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I am traveling and am in a city in Brazil. My only credit card got cloned. I have bitcoins. How can I use them to get my hands on some fast cash to buy food, etc?

This is a real situation. I only have about $75 in cash, but have a few thousand dollars in bitcoin. I'm in Manaus (a city in the middle of the Amazon). I was wondering if anyone knew how I could quickly convert some bitcoin to the local currency (Reals). I don't mind a fee, I would even use Western Union if there was a quick and easy way to do it.
edit: I'm still looking for the best way to get some local currency. So far this is what investigating has lead to: There are a handful of services that will do it, that are so small that I would actually be more likely to trust a redditor with a decent account history. (https://www.ecurrencyzone.com/ would be an example of someone who provides the service, but does not inspire confidence).
One guy (Talan_Sun) started up an account to respond to this offering to send me money and then I send him bitcoins in an incrementing spiral, until I have the full 2k. Seems weird, but, well, he'd be taking the risk if he really did that, so it seems like an okay offer, although quite a long way to do it.
The best redditor offer that I will go for if a company does not work out is Julian702 in the comments here. He seems like a nice guy, and has a good reputation with people vouching for him. This is more confidence inspiring than those shady looking websites set up to do it.
Right now where I'm at is that I contacted BitInstant asking if they could help, using their form, and they did not respond. But now Erik with a @bitinstant email address shows up in these comments and says to contact him if I still need the money. So I'm doing that, and depending on what happens there, I'll go with Erik from BitInstant, and if not him, then Julian from the comments.
edit2: Just had breakfast. Another $8.50 gone.
Final edit: Although the reddit community and individual redditors were greatly supportive and awesome in general, there were no really clean and sane ways to do it. Nothing that didn't either take a long time, or involve trusting an internet person with the entire sum of money. In terms of risk, I really would trust someone with a good reputation with a couple of k in a pinch. But really I thought there'd be a simpler way to do it. Give someone bitcoins, then they send you money. That doesn't seem that hard. But on that same note Western Union and MoneyGram would not allow me to make a bank account deposit to myself, and then pick it up at one of their offices. So who would've thought getting your hands on some some cash when you have money would be so hard?
What ended up seemingly being the best and easiest solution was using MasterCard emergency services. They can get money into a bank account within a few hours, and can provide an emergency card which will be valid for 3 months or so within a few days. So this is the kind of service a huge corporation will provide you when they take so much our money for providing a non-service, that they don't know what else to do with it. Ah well, it gets me out of a pinch, anyway.
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How to fast buy/sell bitcoins.

Hello! Im newish ti Bitcoins, my family started a bit sooner than me in this world. Im thinking about buying/selling with Up & downs. Do you know any app/website to do it smoothly? Thank you.
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With verification times taking so long, how can I buy bitcoin fast without having to submit ID? /r/Bitcoin

With verification times taking so long, how can I buy bitcoin fast without having to submit ID? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How to buy fast and at set price /r/Bitcoin

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How to fast buy/sell bitcoins. /r/Bitcoin

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When you buy an Antminer S9 how do you get BCC to pay & how fast do they deliver from bitmain.com? /r/Bitcoin

When you buy an Antminer S9 how do you get BCC to pay & how fast do they deliver from bitmain.com? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Suck it now, I told you to buy and you laughted at me. Funny how things change fast! Bitcoin = Freedom /r/Bitcoin

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Bitquick how to buy Bitcoin GOOD COINBASE ALTERNATIVE!!! FAST EASY

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How to buy some bitcoin fast?

I'm trying to find a way to buy bitcoin with credit card. I need some tonight. What's the best and fastest way for me to do this?
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How To Buy Bitcoin Fast & Easy! Beginners Guide! How To Buy Bitcoin On Binance With Debit Card Fast? - YouTube How To Buy Bitcoin Fast And Easy! HOW TO BUY BITCOIN FAST ?? BEST WAYS 2018 !! Top 3 Ways To Buy Bitcoin Fast with USD - YouTube

We make the process of buying bitcoin fast, easy, and hassle free. We cut out all of the nonsense and difficult technical information and get you directly to the fastest and safest places to buy bitcoin. Stop searching through a mess of websites that can easily confuse you or possibly even be dishonest . We lay it out to make the process as easy as possible! 8 Cheapest Ways to Buy Bitcoin in 2020 (Fast and Safe) By Pascal Thellmann. Last Updated on March 21, 2020. Advertiser Disclosure. Finding the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin is important. I’ll tell you why: The Bitcoins that you are losing due to trading fees could be worth a fortune in 5 years. To help you avoid that problem, we put together this guide with the cheapest places to buy Bitcoin ... CoinSwitch allows you to buy bitcoin instantly with a credit card. But you need to first download or buy a bitcoin wallet before initiating a purchase. You can use their service with a credit card in over 200 countries with incredibly high purchasing limits of up to $50,000 per month. With low & transparent fees at 0.5%, they’re one of the ... Buy Bitcoin Read Review. Coinmama is a bitcoin broker that specializes in letting you purchase bitcoin with a debit or credit card. You'll be charged a 4.9%-5.9% fee due to the risks and processing fees that come with credit card payments. Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash. Limitless trading without KYC No trading fees for market makers Profitable affiliate scheme Airdrops and lucky draws Log in Register BTC/VND 0% ₫216,612,279 ETH/VND 0% ₫4,023,023 BCH/VND 0% ₫5,430,256 LTC/VND 0% ₫1,460,595 DASH/VND 0% ₫1,959,105 BTC/VND - Buy and sell Bitcoin See more . Ginero is a peer-to-peer crypto ...

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How To Buy Bitcoin Fast & Easy! Beginners Guide!

The best ways to Buy Bitcoin Fast for 2018! If you are like me and want to get the information as fast as possible, just go ahead and create and click the links to create your account and buy ... If you are looking to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously With Your Debit Card, Credit Card and even gift cards such as Amazon gift cards on paxful, itunes gift cards on... Master Coin Plus , MasterCoin Plus , MasterCoinPlus , Bitcoin, btc, double your bitcoin in 90 days, double your bitcoin in 60 days, double your bitcoin in 50... In this video, I show you How To Get FREE Bitcoin Fast! This is NOT anything related to Bitcoin Faucets. If you are looking for those look elsewhere. This is... Join Coinbase. Buy $100 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin with US Dollars and we'll both get $10. https://www.coinbase.com/join/564c995999b03f11f70001a9 Chan...